5 Minutes on 17 Day Diet

Choose one of these activities to do for 5 minutes or until the urge to emotionally eat passes. Practicing Sitting with Your Feelings Take a moment right now to try this out. Close your eyes. Sit very still. Use the thoughts and physical sensations that pop up to identify what you are feeling. Write those feelings on these lines. Now, tell yourself out loud, “I am experiencing (name your feelings out loud). These feelings are legitimate. It is okay that I am feeling this way. It may not feel good, but it will not last forever. I accept these feelings.” Allow your body to embrace the emotions. Write the feeling down so that in a later moment, you can work out ways to resolve any issues that are causing it. Then tell yourself, “I am a strong person. I can deal with these feelings. I will not hide from them behind food.” At The Dinner Table Imagine a food you enjoy with fond memories. Learn more at http://austingosser.bcz.com/2016/12/12/17-day-diet-for-quick-weight-loss/ and https://erinjgz.wordpress.com/2016/01/01/17-day-diet-research-2016/

This may be a food from childhood or a food made on a special holiday. Or, this could be a staple food that feels safe and reliable. Picture yourself sitting where you normally eat a meal at home. Your eyes notice the food in front of you and you grasp your eating utensil. Smells let your body know nourishment is coming soon and your mouth salivates to prepare for digestion. Picking up the utensil holding a bite-sized portion, you notice the colors, textures, and shapes within the food. As it gets closer to your mouth, the smells intensify. Opening your mouth and placing the food within allows you to taste it for the first time. Note the consistency of this food. With this consistency, you may or may not notice a soothing reaction. As the food goes down your throat, you anticipate the next bite. As you get the next bite, you take a deep breath to keep you centered in the present of this meal. This next bite you notice how your jaw and surrounding muscles need to move to manipulate this food for digestion. With each bite, your body helps to transform this food into your energy. A few mindful bites go by. You take a moment to consider your hunger level and notice the pangs are gone yet you are not quite satisfied. Your body lets you know it wants you to continue to eat. A few more mindful bites go by. You notice your hunger and satisfaction levels feel adequate. Your body communicates it has enough nourishment to last awhile. With this acknowledgement, you know that the next bite may be your last for this meal. You pick up the last bite and notice how good it tastes. The last bite satisfies you, soothes you, and re-energizes you. How do you experience your body concluding this meal? Just like a friend who will eventually stop calling after so many unreturned calls, ignored biological hunger will stop sending comfortable subtle nudges to begin eating. Your body will easily forgive you for the snub because with time and nourishment, the gentle hunger messages will return. Learn more at http://forevercutting.weebly.com/the-fitness-blog/i-tried-most-diet-plans

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